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Cary Agos 51/100


Cary Agos 51/100

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so no witness lists no pre trial motions cuz this gets nothing going.

each side will just appoint their own witnesses. please reblog and add opening arguments, I hope people will just join and start this. so these are the lists of the groups-

defense- awpurplepoptart agentpond

Monibolis for the prosecution, your honor.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I’m not going to hide facts or sugarcoat things.  The victim was a convicted pedophile. But she paid her doubt to society, she did her time in prison and she was living a seclude life in the woods. She didn’t caused anyone trouble, until two kids broke into her house.

The defense will try to sell you a sad story about how Hansel and Gretel come from a broken home, and that they are the victims, but the truth is they killed a woman with great cruelty, they burned her and that doesn’t have a justification.

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Text 1 Aug Only 1,235 hours until the season premiere of The Good Wife. Enough time to read this fanfic

Build Destroy Rebuild: It was a weird year, but when Alicia decides to run for State’s Attorney and wins, everything can change for everyone again.

Decisions, decisions. Florrick and Agos adjust to new changes when Diane joins them but Alicia still questions her life choices. Meanwhile Grace deals with a big event in her life. [Ch. 01, 02, 03, 04 & 05  ]

The campaign. Alicia’s campaign for State’s Attorney puts pressure on her job and in her family. Meanwhile Cary and Diane prepare for Alicia’s departure from the firm.[Ch. 06, 07, 08, 09 & 10]

Glory Days are over. Agent Nelson Dubeck comes back with his fraud  investigation. So Peter and Eli enlist Elsbeth Tascioni to help them.[Ch 11, 12 & 13 ]

Chapter 14: Arrested.

Grace’s boyfriend is arrested causing a conflict for the State’s Attorney: Alicia Florrick.

Chapter 15: Bail

Grace Florrick bails her boyfriend out of jail, and she wants a lawyer from Agos and Lockhart to represent him. Alicia is not amused by this, but she’s busy with a high profile case in the State’s Attorney office.

Chapter 16: Plea.

Grace Florrick faces Finn Polmar as she testifies in favor of her boyfriend.And then some revelations could change Alicia’s relationship with her daughter forever.

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Your rules are right out of 1984. The book. Not the year.
— Cary Agos (via fuckyeahcaryagos)
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It’s weird: The Good Wife is doing something totally different from any other show on television. For a procedural, it’s far too experimental with its structure and storytelling style. For a prestige drama, it’s far too case-oriented. For a show on CBS, it’s too invested in interrogating the status quo. For a staid briefcases-and-suits drama, it’s too interested in technology and privacy. The story threads that The Good Wife is working with are only occasionally the same threads that any other show is working with. It makes for consistently exciting stuff.
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Get to Know Me Meme: 5 Favorite TV Shows
↳ 1/5: The Good Wife

We’re coming after you. All your clients. Every single one we worked to make happy while you swept in at the last minute to take credit. We’re taking them And then you know what you’ll have? A very nice suite of offices.
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Am I the only one who saw the parallels?

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Serious Alicia and Grace plots? Sounds like my fanfic:

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Spoilers for season six of The Good Wife!

By the way, I’m okay with a new character we haven’t seen before.

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Grace faces Finn Polmar when she testifies in favor of her boyfriend. And then some revelations could change Alicia’s relationship with her daughter forever.

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