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I decided to play the game again. It is a good game.


In my times of trouble

Eli Gold comes to me

Speaking words of wisom



In my times of trouble

Kalinda Sharma comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom



In my times of trouble

Elspeth Tascioni comes to me

speaking words of wisdom



In my times of trouble

Diane Lockhart comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom



In my times of trouble

Alicia Florick comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom


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I love the good wife, I think it is an excellent hour of television every week but I do have a few questions that I hope people can help me with.

1. What happened with the flat going condo? Did Alicia buy it when she lost out the house to Jackie?

2. What happened to the money that Alicia’s mom…

1.- I think Alicia did buy the condo.

2.- I think once F/A moved to a different “office space” the money went back to Veronica, maybe it will mention in upcoming episodes.

Chat 23 Apr 8 notes
  • Actor: So, did I get the part?
  • The Good Wife: Yes, congrats.
  • Actor: Thank you, its a great guest star role.
  • The Good Wife: We may call you back for another.
  • Actor: Is it a two parter?
  • The Good Wife: Not exactly.
  • Actor: But, am I coming back for more?
  • The Good Wife: Maybe in the middle of the season, or at the end. Or next season, or in three years. Who knows?!
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make me choose: the good wife or scandal → agentpond

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American TV shows taught me that you have two character you don’t want to mess with:

  • Alicia Florrick
  • Daenerys Targaryen
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"The Good Wife" is a show in which people are competing to see who’s the best at kicking ass.


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He’s like, I.AM.ACTUALLY.WITH.THEM. *internally screaming*

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via Seat42f.
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my mom is now completely obsessed with the good wife, and she is developing an unhealthy condition with willicia

she made me skip to the end of season 2, when they make out, and when the episode was over, i told her “mom i have to do my homework now” and she like screamed at me “DONT U KNOW WHATS REALLY IMPORTANT BEATRICE?????”

this is my life

i am never telling my mother about a tv show ever again

I hope you’re preparing her for season 5.

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The Good Wife - All Tapped Out

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