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How to Stand Out in a Crowd, by Diane Lockhart

Diane Lockhart’s Life Manual

Photo 20 Jul 14 notes Grace in the public eye would be interesting.
Like in this fanfic: Build Destroy Rebuild (Shamelss plug)

Grace in the public eye would be interesting.

Like in this fanfic: Build Destroy Rebuild (Shamelss plug)

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Cary Agos 48/100


Cary Agos 48/100

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Link 20 Jul Build Destroy Rebuild Chapter 14: Arrested, The Good Wife | FanFiction»

Grace’s boyfriend is arrested causing a conflict for the State’s Attorney: Alicia Florrick.

Link 19 Jul 14 notes Fantasy Wishlist for TGW S6»


  • still mentioning Will’s name sometimes because he did exist and he was very loved and no one should forget that
  • Alicia and Kalinda make steps towards repairing their relationship
  • Alicia and Kalinda stand in the same room and make eye contact
  • okay fine, Alicia and Kalinda breathe in the same general vicinity - GIVE ME SOMETHING HERE
  • Elsbeth Tascioni
  • more Alicia/Cary - I want more of them being the new Will/Diane
  • more Cary in general
  • Cary strutting in court in designer suits
  • Cary confronting Kalinda about the craziness that is their relationship
  • Kalinda doing things besides having sex
  • Kalinda having actual meaningful conversations with other characters
  • Elsbeth Tascioni
  • Eli making his startled face
  • Eli making his angry face
  • Eli being exasperated
  • Eli vs. Jackie
  • lots of Eli basically
  • more Grace/Alicia bonding moments with Zach gone
  • Grace and Alicia talking about faith, esp now with Will dead and Florricks separated and everything going to hell basically
  • some Alicia/Zach moments over the phone or something so we don’t forget his existence
  • Florrick kids bonding with each other and with their mom
  • Florrick kids with not-boring/irrelevant storylines
  • Florrick kids actually dealing with their parents’ separation
  • Peter being less of a dick
  • Peter/Eli bromancing in the governor’s office (still not over that scene where Eli bowed down saying he wasn’t worthy)
  • Elsbeth Tascioni
  • literally Elsbeth can just be eating cereal in the background and I’ll be happy
  • acknowledgment from side characters about Will’s death, i.e. Abernathy, Tascioni, Nyholm, the one judge who wants everything “in my opinion”
  • cookie points if Grace gets to be political, i.e. remember the time when the Jewish people came to dinner and Grace brought up Palestine like a boss? More of that, please! I want Grace Florrick political development too, because that will make her more interesting as a character and open up more dimensions for the Florrick family dynamics
  • Grace trying to impact political decisions in the governor’s office
  • Grace being rebellious to get her mother to pay more attention to her at home
  • Zach telling his mother he wants to be a Georgetown lawyer too
  • basically more Alicia/Cary, Alicia/family, Alicia/Kalinda
  • okay and Alicia/Eli too because they are literally too precious
  • Alicia opening up sometimes to Eli because she’s lonely and he’s a unicorn with cute facial expressions
  • my girl Diane better have things to smile about this season
  • KURT
  • KURT
  • KURT
  • KURT
  • KURT
  • Kurt and Diane debating about the shittiness of the GOP
  • Kurt not being able to defend their shittiness
  • Kurt and Diane being precious
  • mostly just let my babies be happy okay?


Text 19 Jul 3 notes Only 2 months 2 days 4 hours 39 minutes until the premiere of the Good Wife, in the meantime read this fanfic

Build Destroy Rebuild - The Good Wife fanfic

It was a weird year, but when Alicia decides to run for State’s Attorney and wins, everything can change for everyone again.

Decisions, decisions. [Ch. 01, 02, 03, 04 & 05  ]

Florrick and Agos adjust to new changes when Diane joins them but Alicia still questions her life choices. Meanwhile Grace deals with a big event in her life.

The campaign [Ch. 06, 07, 08, 09 & 10]

Alicia’s campaign for State’s Attorney puts pressure on her job and in her family. Meanwhile Cary and Diane prepare for Alicia’s departure from the firm.

Chapter 11: Fraud Investigation.

Alicia has a good start as the new State’s Attorney, but for her husband, governor Peter Florrick things get complicated when agent Nelson Dubeck comes back.

Chapter 12: Grand Jury

Agent Nelson Dubeck is conducting Grand Juries for Diane, Cary, Marilyn and more, convinced there is a conspirancy but Elsbeth Tascioni is here to help.

Chapter 13: The Rat.

Peter Florrick wasn’t indicted for election fraud, but when the news about the fill ballots breaks, he’s under pressure to resign.


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the good wife meme  1/6 relationships

alicia florrick & cary agos

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make me choose » Finn Polmar or Peter Florrick —— (julesismydrug)

You’re three months into a ten-year sentence, and you’re plotting your political comeback.

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