Photo 16 Apr 12 notes We’ll see how swee they are when they find out their parents are lying to them (if it happens)

We’ll see how swee they are when they find out their parents are lying to them (if it happens)

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Photo 15 Apr 11 notes You crossed the line!!!

You crossed the line!!!

Text 15 Apr 1 note Alicia Florrick and Rust Cohle

I don’t think that the Good Wife is making fun of True Detective (maybe a little bit), I think that the Kings are showing the other side of the same coin.


Alicia Florrick is having a life crisis, she is in dark place. She thinks life is meaningless, there isn’t a greater good, fate doesn’t exist, if we are just atoms, what is the point? All these ideas were trigger by the death of Will Gardner.

In this episode, she just gives up. She literally crawls into bed and stays there for at least 2 days. There she watches “Darkness at Noon” with a detective having a very long speech about how people aren’t all good or all evil using a white hat/black hat analogy.

By juxtaposing the tv show and Alicia in bed, the creator are showing that not all people have cool dark speeches to deal with their beliefs. As the Kings mention they don’t think nihilism is cool. [X]

Don’t get me wrong. I freaking love True Detective. I love that it wasn’t supernatural, I love that we didn’t get quite happy ending and I love Rust Cohle dark phrases, creepy metaphors and twisted interpretations of obscure philosophies and Mart Hart reactions to him.

But Alicia Florrick, even if she’s feeling the same way about life that Rust, is not going to come up with a cool way to put it. Most people, me included, having this kind of crisis have a hard time doing anything.

Also Alicia doesn’t have a murder mystery to dedicate the rest of her life. She does have a family, a steady job and her odd relationship with her husband.

At the end of the episode Alicia makes the decision to focus on the here and now. She proposes a marriage of convenience to Peter, because she is convince there isn’t a happy ending, there isn’t true love. She just sees Peter as professionally valuable. She only cares about the material world.

Will this new philosophy work for her? We’ll see.

Photo 15 Apr 50 notes 
Last day of season 5 selfie on the set of @TheGoodWife_CBS

Last day of season 5 selfie on the set of 

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Mom, are you okay?

Good kids, lets lie to them.

Text 14 Apr 3 notes Come on, Alicia. You know better than that.

Okay Alicia, so you’re done with Peter. Good for you but then again, why not divorce him?

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What would you do instead?
- I have no idea. I wish I did.

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What Grace was really thinking.

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