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Good guys 

(bad guys here)

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House: Well, there’s gotta be something I can use.

Lucas: Maybe. Didn’t read her shrink’s notes. Didn’t seem right.

House: But stealing them did.

Lucas: Whoa, I didn’t steal them. I found a way to obtain them.

Sam: Excuse me, I don’t mean to interrupt, but you got a minute?

Lucas: Sure. Oh, him? Yeah, I was just leaving.

And that was Lucas last scene…seriously freaking Tritter had a better last scene

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Lucas: Don’t do it! Whatever you’re planning, especially if you’re gonna use that thing. Geez.

House: It was just sitting in a stone.

Lucas: Here. It’s gonna cost extra, because of the level of detail that you wanted.

House: Anything good? And by good, I, of course, mean bad.

Lucas: Nope, pretty much your typical life. Married young, got divorced. Married a little less young, got divorced. She’s been pretty successful in everything she’s done, except marriage.

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Lisa and Lucas - House md “5 to 9”

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Lucas & Cuddy wallpaper by Beina


Lucas & Cuddy wallpaper by Beina

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where the fairytale ends by ~DramaCauliflowery
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Rachel, Lisa & Lucas by bloodorchestra

I’m about to cry

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Luddy banners by DramaCouliflowery

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“5 to 9” - House MD

WhenI saw this ending, I knew it was over for them. I did the math and I knew the writers wouldn’t have time to end their relationship properly. It ended off screen in the last minute of the season.

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