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"Now, if you put out that the profiler…with the Pittsburgh Bureau believes that this guy is…nothing more than a…a copycat— of convicted
serial killer Robert Burkhart, I think he’ll show his hand”

Those Who Kill 1.10 -Surrender

I couldn’t resist.

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I can see you are a House Md fan so here is Lucas being cute.


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Lucas: Heh. Yeah, about that. I took a little trip to your alma mater.

House: You took a little trip 150 miles.

Lucas: Online, by phone. I meant I did research. That’s a real photo, isn’t it? Wow, that is humiliating.

House: There was a girl.

Lucas: Even more so. That’s too bad. You wanted her to see you in a different light, and… not only didn’t she see it… She didn’t even believe it was possible.

House: You know, people hate people who have theories about people.

Lucas: You want me to back off?

House: Would you?

Lucas: I barely know you.

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Lucas: I still don’t understand why you wouldn’t let me retaliate, though. They stole your dream.

Cuddy: Well, that’s overstating it. It’s just a condo.

Lucas: It’s not because you feel guilty about hurting House or guilty for being with me?

Cuddy: We’ll buy another one. I just don’t see the need to make a war out of it.

Lucas: Well, I think you’re rationalizing, which a less confident man than myself might take as a sign that you’re second-guessing…Okay, you know what? Forget that last part.

I thinks this is a cruel scene. Lucas is trying (in his own way) to asks Cuddy if she’s having second thoughts about their relationship, then she kisses him to reassure him. At the time it was a red hearing from the writers to make you think Cuddy really was going on that direction, but by the end of the season Cuddy tells House “I always love you” so here, she’s leading Lucas on, and for me that’s plain cruel.


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Hello, IMDB. Yes, which House episodes did Lucas have a role in? I need to know these things, thank you.

Hell Yeah Michael Weston, approves this post.


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Lucas Douglas & Food

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Good guys 

(bad guys here)

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House: Well, there’s gotta be something I can use.

Lucas: Maybe. Didn’t read her shrink’s notes. Didn’t seem right.

House: But stealing them did.

Lucas: Whoa, I didn’t steal them. I found a way to obtain them.

Sam: Excuse me, I don’t mean to interrupt, but you got a minute?

Lucas: Sure. Oh, him? Yeah, I was just leaving.

And that was Lucas last scene…seriously freaking Tritter had a better last scene

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Lucas: Don’t do it! Whatever you’re planning, especially if you’re gonna use that thing. Geez.

House: It was just sitting in a stone.

Lucas: Here. It’s gonna cost extra, because of the level of detail that you wanted.

House: Anything good? And by good, I, of course, mean bad.

Lucas: Nope, pretty much your typical life. Married young, got divorced. Married a little less young, got divorced. She’s been pretty successful in everything she’s done, except marriage.

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