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Michael Weston caps: 28/100


Michael Weston caps: 28/100

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Today at Nerdy Girl Notes, it’s time to talk about the 2014 Emmys, which means it’s time for me to talk about my love for Christine Baranski. 

Here’s a preview:

Restraint is an acting choice only the best at their craft can effectively use to evoke emotion. Baranski brings such a stately presence to Diane that sometimes it’s easy to overlook the storm of emotions always brewing under the surface. But subtle performances shouldn’t get lost in the shuffle. The brilliance of this season of The Good Wife was the way it showed the quiet devastation of grief—the exhausted people left behind after a senseless tragedy struggling to deal with their confusion, pain, and regret in a world that doesn’t allow for hysterics. That was the heart of Margulies’s haunting performance, but it shouldn’t be forgotten that Baranski’s work was just as powerful, even though it often took place in the background (sometimes literally, like the scene where Diane and Kalinda discover Will’s body).

On a show and in a category filled with amazing portrayals of women dealing with grief, Baranski’s performance required you to pay attention to every change in her posture, every breath, and every blink to see what she was fighting to keep just below the surface. We see a person at their most human when we find the cracks in their facades, and that’s what Baranski allowed us to do this season with Diane.

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"I’m gonna play the guy in the Gleetribute" -  Torgeir Lien.

Lilyhammer 2x08 - Ghosts

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This is just like a Soprano’s episode! - Lilyhammer 2x08 Ghosts

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Anonymous said: What is the craziest thing you could do to win a concert ticket?


Respond to anons.

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whats the meaning of life? son, its those little tiny pumpkins. the ones that are mad small.  you know the ones i mean. 

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The Good Wife 5x01 Deleted Scenes

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